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Before/After School Care

Telephone: 1300 105 343
Location: The John Cross Centre

The OSHC program is privately run and in accordance and compliance with regulations as set out by Family and Community Services and the National Standards (Health and Community Services). Recognising the important contribution that parents can make to the program, there is in place a Consultative Parent Support Group to ensure that the ongoing needs of the OSH community are met.

Children are supervised in an informal atmosphere. A variety of activities are offered to them including a combination of art/craft, cooking, passive activities e.g.: music, reading stories, board games etc, and outdoor games when weather permits. Our program also has a television, electronic equipment as well as a range of other toys available for children to use. Television viewing and electronic games used are under strict supervision and for limited periods.

All children are provided with afternoon tea on arrival at the programme and those in before-care receive milk, fruit, cereal or toast in summer, hot chocolate, cereal or toast in winter. Pancakes, scones, muffins on special occasions

Program Philosophy:
Children are the most precious gifts a community can possess.
Nurture the children for a happy future

The aim of St. Joseph's Boronia Outside School Hours Care is:
To ensure that all primary school children in the local community have a safe, caring and supervised environment in which to play and express themselves creatively when they are unable to be cared for by their parents or caregivers outside of normal school hours.
To be accessible to all children including those with additional resource needs.
To provide services through formalised enrolment.
To offer a range of stimulating developmental, social and recreational activities and opportunities which are appropriate for the age levels of children attending care and which, as far as possible, differ from those available at school.
To recruit staff with a variety of skills and qualifications.
To maintain the appropriate staff/child ratio at all times.

Anti Bullying Policy
All children, attending this Service, have the right to belong, feel welcome, and treated with respect. St. Joseph's Boronia OSHC programme will adhere to the school discipline policy, following similar steps in informing parents if a problem arises. We aim to deliver a clear message that bullying or harassing behaviour is not acceptable in any form in our centre. Bullying is a pattern of behaviour by one person or more towards another which is designed to hurt, injure, embarrass, upset, or discomfort that person.

The OSHC program is housed in the John Cross Centre, located between the school and the Church. It has all facilities including heating and evaporative cooling for the comfort of those attending.

Enrolment to the program is subject to the completion and return of the appropriate enrolment form. All applicants are categorised according to the following criteria:
Children whose parent(s) are working, seeking employment, studying or training.
Children who have a disability. Children whose parents have a continuing disability.
Children at risk of abuse or neglect.
Children of families not identified in the above groups.

We are legally bound to limit the number of placements to 45 children at After School Care and 30 children in Before School and Vacation Care. It is important to book your child/ren in at the earliest available opportunity as not all applications are successful in gaining placement. Priority of access is granted to children attending St. Joseph’s Primary School and according to above criteria. Emergency / short-term place allocation will be decided upon by the Program Co-ordinator.

Hours of Operation
St Joseph's Boronia OSHC has been registered to operate during the hours indicated below:
Before-care: 7:00 am – 8:45 am
After-care: 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Early Finish: 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Pupil Free Days Care: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Vacation-care: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Fees for regular care are due fortnightly. Fees for casual care are payable on the day that care is provided. Fees are charged on a per session basis, i.e. morning or afternoon program sessions. Please enclose fees (Cheque or cash) in an envelope marked with the child’s/children’s name and amount. Place envelope in the Fees slot, located in the OSHC office. Fees may also be paid by Bank transfer directly into St Joseph’s Boronia OSHC account. Receipt showing confirmation of transaction should be placed in the fees slot. When making payment via direct deposit, PLEASE IDENTIFY ON WHOSE BEHALF PAYMENT IS MADE.

Registration Fee - $10.00 annual charge

Successful operation of the program is dependant on the prompt and timely payment of fees. Families are encouraged to pay their fees by the due date. Late payment of fees is subject to charges as set out in the fee schedule. If there are any circumstances preventing you from paying your fees on time, please discuss these with the program Director, an arrangement can be agreed to. If fees, for four successive weeks have not been paid, your child/ren may not be permitted into the program until outstanding fees have been paid up in full.

Child Care Benefit
All families are eligible to receive some level of assistance through CCB. The level of assistance is dependent on your personal circumstances. You will need to apply for assistance by registering with the Family Assistance Office. To link your child to our centre, call 136150 and quote St Joseph's Boronia OSHC reference numbers.
Before/After School Care 407-144-456C
Vacation Care 407-144-563S
Assistance becomes effective when notice is received from the Family Assistance Office. Please notify the Director of any siblings attending other Childcare Centres.

Please take the opportunity to visit and collect a parent handbook which includes the enrolment forms, if you plan to use the OSHC program for your children’s care. We look forward to being of service to you and a long and lasting relationship.

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